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Counting Our Blessings
Suenia Almeida

"2018 has been a great year for the IRTC/FITRef and its team. We finished our academic year with 65 students from many regions of Brazil and other countries. We can truly say: 'Ebenezer, thus far the LORD has helped us.'

The Lord has blessed us with many additions to our administrative team this year. We have been able to hire new members for positions which have been open for quite some time. In June, David Zekveld Portela joined us as Vice-President for Student Affairs and IT Coordinator. More recently, Geimar Lima (Registrar) and Suenia Almeida (Newsletter Editor) have been added to our number. Suenia takes on this new role in addition to teaching IRTC/FITRef’s courses on the Portuguese language. Our prayer is that these new additions will not only improve our efficiency and quality of service, but also enable us to reach even more students with a Reformed theological education."

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