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The Believer's Life and the Tree That Produces Good Fruits
Pastor Pieter K. Meijer

"Good works are the fruit and the product of faith. Consequently, good works should not be considered as the tree nor the root. Luther fought against the false doctrine of the Roman Church regarding the relationship between faith and good works. Their doctrine taught that faith, faith in Christ, was not enough to be saved. Good works were needed as merits. The Roman Church mixed justification with sanctification. And it condemned those who believed that we are justified only by faith, without good works (Sola Fide)."

"Here we have an expression of the great value that faith has and about the work of Christ in our lives. Grafted into Christ, according to the teaching of John 15, we will certainly produce good fruits, fruits of thankfulness, according to the terminology of the Heidelberg Catechism."

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